Throwing away my laptop

There’s that commercial floating around from Apple – the one that asks you to imagine your iPad as a computer.

So, I did that. I only wish I had done it sooner.

For a few years I had several computers, endless monitors. The constant hunt for the right cables, adapters.

Then I started commuting between Denver and Boulder for work and I picked up a Macbook Air to keep up with the freelance work. I got rid of everything else.

Then the Air got old. The battery was far too reliant on the charger and it was time for something new to happen.

Since I had been travelling with the Air less and less and with the iPad mini more and more, I opted for the iPad Pro (9.7 inch) with the Logitech Create keyboard case. And since I had some credit leftover, I picked up the Pencil on a whim.

Everything else is gone. iPad and a phone and that’s it.

Here’s why it works:

  • One screen, one task, one app at a time. No jumping around, getting lost, losing focus. For examples to the contrary check out my work laptop and the zillions of programs that are typically open on it.
  • Minimalism Now: One charger for everything. Lightweight. Simple to travel with.
  • No more lost stuff thanks to my reliance on the cloud.
  • One device for: books, browsing, drawing, notes, journaling, blogging, photo editing.
  • ONE operating system to deal with. Higher compatibility across devices, less hassling.

There is nothing that I’m missing from my old processes. And as the market becomes more reliant on the mobile environment, the applications and experiences for the iPad will just get better and better.

pig pitcher

35/365 – Porked

There is this new restaurant not far from us, Rebel, that is known for thier rather gratitous presentation of meats.

This week they decided to do an all vegetarian menu. It was pretty great.

They also had a special for $5 for a shot of Four Roses and a dad beer.

There was a crew that sat down and left the moment the server said “all-vegetarian.”

“What a terrible fucking idea,” one of them said as the door hit them in the ass.