Bend and Brew

Dear RTD,

You have an absolutely lovely regional route between Denver and Boulder that saves many commuters the headache of having to drive one of the lease commuter-friendly roads in the state (US HWY 36). 

It travels from Denver (a very bike-centric city) to Boulder (an annoyingly bike-centric city) so it should be no surprise that a respectable percentage of your riders will have a bicycle in posession with them. In many cases, such as my own, the regional bus serves only as the intermediary between a commute that is capped on either end by a bike ride. 

On one of these ~60 seat buses, how does the math work out that only two folks will have bicycles? In just about every bus I take, at least four bikes get stuffed into the luggage compartments underneath. Compartments that are not exactly sized to have several bikes crammed into them, for a bumpy ride that tangles the bikes together so that cables are stretched and greased chains are wrapped around seatposts and handlebars. 

The City of Boulder’s Department of Parking awarded me a pass to ride this bus for free (for which I am very thankful) as a means to discourage me from driving and parking in an area which is already strapped for parking. Most days, I enjoy being able to sit on the bus and type away at my laptop and read or just totally turn off and sleep. 

But the ride is not as friendly to my bike underneath. Suffering a ride that has resulted in bent spokes, broken lights, screwed up brakes, and gears jammed into the wrong calibration. 

I’m not blaming you for the issues with my personal property. You’ve proclaimed many times before that it’s not your responsibility. 

But do you get what I’m saying? I’m sure there is a designer or engineer out there who could figure something out - a way to efficently store more bikes on the regional buses. I’m no pro, but I think you’d win a few fans. 

All the best,